Adhaalath grants eight tickets for parliamentary polls

Coalition partner, Adhaalath Party on Wednesday handed over party tickets to eight candidates representing the party in the upcoming parliamentary polls.

At the ceremony held to award the tickets, leader of the party Sheikh Imran Abdulla said the tickets were being awarded to eight out of their thirteen target constituencies.

The tickets were awarded for Kelaa, Makunudhoo, Vaikaradhoo, Inguraidhoo, Kaashidhoo, Mahibadhoo, Nilandhoo and Mulaku constituency.

Speaking at the ceremony, Imran said the party is working to assist in attaining parliament majority for the ruling coalition. The efforts of the party in the past five years were to establish a just government in the Maldives, and their efforts have been paid of today, said Imran.

"With Allah (swt)'s grace, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will hopefully be able to attain parliament majority in the 19th parliament. Our efforts are directed in to achieving this", added Imran.

Main ruling MDP recently discussed forming an alliance with Adhaalath to face the parliamentary polls, however, an agreement has not been reached thus far.

"We will make any sacrifice necessary to ensure the current government is maintained", said Imran.

Coalition partner, Jumhooree Party has decided to contest for 36 constituencies in the upcoming election while MRM of former president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom is working towards establishing a new political party to field candidates for the parliamentary polls.