JP responds to PPM's generosity by giving up seats

In response to former ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)'s decision to withdraw from certain constituencies in order to endorse Jumhooree Party (JP) candidates for the same constituencies, JP has also withdrawn from some of their target constituencies for the parliamentary polls in favour of PPM candidates.

Although the reports of their endorsement have been confirmed, JP has not admitted the decision to the media thus far. However, it has been confirmed that JP has now withdrawn the party ticket awarded to party member Ahmed Sunil to contest for Mahibadhoo constituency.

According to reports, JP will now be endorsing the current MP for the Mahibadhoo constituency, Ahmed Thariq of PPM, who has already filed his candidacy papers at the Election Commission.

It is likely that JP will withdraw from other constituencies as well, while PPM has already withdrawn several tickets awarded for the parliamentary polls. Tickets awarded by PPM for Mathiveri, Gemanafushi, Villingili, Fuvahmulah central were withdrawn by party leader, former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom.

Spokesperson for JP, Ali Solih on Saturday said PPM's decision to endorse JP candidates was not prompted by any discussion between the parties, and denied that any such discussions had taken place between the parties. However, he noted his appreciation for PPM's decision.

PPM and Peoples' National Congress (PNC) alliance, both parties being backed by former President Yameen, had previously decided to jointly contest for 62 constituencies in the parliamentary elections slated for April. While several PPM members have announced that they will be contesting in the elections as independent candidates, some party members who were awarded tickets have also returned their tickets.