Victim of zebra cross accident in serious condition; license of driver withheld

ADK Hospital has revealed that the condition of the woman hit by a taxi while crossing the ring road near Senahiya remains in serious condition.

While the accident took place last Tuesday, the woman is still being treated in the Intensive Care Unit of ADK Hospital, informed Managing Director of the hospital Ahmed Afaal.

According to the police, two women were crossing the road on the zebra cross when a car lost control and hit the women. One of the victims fell upon impact, hitting her head on a speed breaker. She received severe head injuries and is suffering a brain hemorrhage, it has been reported.

The police urged eye-witnesses of the accident to come forward and share all their account of the incident.

Meanwhile, the Transport Authority has withheld the driving license of the driver of the car for a period of two years, while also revoking his taxi permit.