Opposition seeks no confidence motion

The opposition has decided to file a no confidence motion against Defence Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi.

The progressive Coalition, an alliance between Progressive Party of Maldives and Peoples' National Congress revealed on Monday that the coalition has commenced efforts to hold the government accountable, with the first move being filing a no confidence motion at the parliament against the Defense Minister.

"One cannot remain [as if nothing happened] after making comments that could compromise the independence and the sovereignty of the nation. Therefore, PNC and PPM will file a no confidence motion at the parliament against Mariya. Hopefully, this will be done within the coming week", said Abdul Raheem Abdulla, founder and acting president of PNC.

Abdul Raheem further revealed that the opposition is closely monitoring the actions of the Foreign Minister and other state officials, and will come after each minister individually until a total reform is brought about.

"We were an opposition before being a ruling party. We are again an opposition, so we have a lot of experience being an opposition", added Abdul Raheem.

Defence Minister recently came under fire regarding comments she made in an interview to an Indian newspaper, where she said "if India wanted to, it could take over the Maldives given its armed strength," before quickly adding that India would not do that because India is there to help the Maldives.