Parliament summons minister over contentious comments

Defence Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi has been served with a notice summoning her to the parliament over the comments she made in an interview with Indian media.

Mariya is to present herself to the parliament on Monday morning at 9 am.

The first female defence minister, Mariya told SNI that "if India wanted to, it could take over the Maldives given its armed strength," before quickly adding that India would not do that because India is there to help the Maldives.

An opposition lawmaker has initiated a move to summon the multiple-time MP to parliament for questioning over her comment which had also attracted public criticism on social networking sites, although the motion has not been listed on the agenda thus far.

Defence Ministry has previously defended their minister by stating that her words were twisted by the media in such a way that its intended meaning it lost. Defence Ministry also pointed out that Mariya had said in the same interview that she is confident that India has never had any intention of conquering Maldives.

"We know very well—If the Indians really wanted to occupy Maldives—they’ve never had the intention, but if they do, you know I don’t know how we can stop it. Your Air Force, your Navy, your infantry—there’s nothing we can do," the Minister had said.