Ex-pres Nasheed likely to be Pres Solih's downfall, claims JP leader

Leader of Jumhooree Paty (JP) and speaker of the parliament, Gasim Ibrahim has accused former president Mohamed Nasheed of plotting against President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Speaking at a press conference held by JP on Saturday night, Gasim retorted to a claim made earlier by Nasheed that the opposition would attempt a coup in the instance that a parliament majority is not assured for the ruling coalition. Rebuking Nasheed, Gasim said it is more than likely that Nasheed himself who is plotting to fail and overthrow the current government.

In 2012, Nasheed had stepped down as the President of Maldives after a series of protests that escalated to force him into the decision before the end of his five year term.

Earlier on Saturday night, Nasheed had hinted that "people well practiced in the art of overthrowing governments" existed in the community, believed to have been referring to Gasim. In reply to Nasheed's statement, Gasim said no coup was attempted at any point in the Maldives, and the happenings surrounding Nasheed's resignation were the result of his own failure to run the government properly.

Gasim claims to have been told by Nasheed that he does not have the patience to wait for five years for President Ibrahim MOhamed Solih's five year term to end, and set his sights on presidency, in addition to prime minister-ship. When informed of Nasheed's plans by Nasheed himself, Gasim had advised him not to pursue his desire , although the former president remained adamant, revealed Gasim.