'The current administration will not mistreat JP' - Gasim

Leader of Jumhooree Party (JP) Gasim Ibrahim has affirmed his conviction that the party will not be ill-treated by the current administration.

Jumhooree Party is part of the ruling coalition.

Speaking on a program aired on VTV on Saturday, Gasim said the last two governments that Jumhooree Party endorsed in the elections cast the party aside and mistreated him following election.

However, Gasim expressed his trust and confidence in President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, describing him as a soft spoken leader who is patient and wise in making decisions. He further affirmed his belief that the administration of President Solih would treat the country's citizens, and the party better than former administrations.

While Gasim has expressed his confidence in the administration, Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed recently hinted that the current administration should be run by main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) only.

Meeting his supporters on Thursday, Nasheed said while MDP has a manifesto and a vision of its own, it would be most appropriate to implement the manifesto by an MDP-only government instead of a coalition. Nasheed also described some cabinet ministers as incompetent, and clarified that the ministers were not from MDP.

Nasheed said while President Solih is implementing MDP's policies, the President is aware of what MDP members desire, and expressed his confidence that President Solih would not act against MDP ideologies.