Govt to bring down electricity costs by the end of the month

Environment Ministry has revealed that the ministry is working towards bringing down the cost of electricity by the end of the month.

Director General Ahmed Ali, in an interview to local news PSM said all surveys, feasibility studies and discussions on the revision have now concluded, and a draft has been prepared based on the findings of the joint effort with utility companies STELCO and Fenaka. Ali said the draft has already been forwarded to the President's Office, and will be implemented within the first hundred days of administration.

The first hundred days of administration of the current government would pass on 28th March.

"Now that we have started making use of resources available in Maldives, it has become clear to us that the cost of electricity can be brought down. Electricity costs will be revised within the first hundred days", said Ali.

Ali did not disclose the new tariffs or further information on the proposed revised rates.