Govt begins discussions to bring down electricity cost

The government has begun discussions on bringing down the cost of electricity, says President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Decreasing the cost of electricity is a presidential pledge of the president, targeted to be achieved within the first 100 days of administration. An estimated budget has been allocated for the project in this year's national budget.

Speaking at a campaign event in Komandoo island of Shaviyani atoll, President Solih said citizens of the country had complaint abundantly due to the high cost of electricity ahead of the presidential elections. He recalled that he had promised the people of the nation that he would seek a solution for the issue after discussion with relevant authorities.

"Within the last week, the President's Office, we have conducted meetings with STELCO and FENAKA regarding this", revealed the President.

During the meeting, the utility companies had shared their policies on bringing down electricity costs, and a second meeting will be scheduled soon to expedite the outcome, added the president.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has recently ratified the parliament bill on slashing the import duty on oil and diesel in a bid to being down electricity costs.