Planning Ministry hands over development projects in 23 islands

Water and sewerage projects of 23 islands have been handed over to contractors. This is the final stage of fulfilling President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's pledge to establish water and sewerage systems in all inhabited islands of the Maldives.

The Planning Ministry contracted the development of water and sewerage systems in Sh. Bilehfahi, Sh. Noomaraa, N. Magoodhoo, B. Kihaadhoo, B. Dhonfanu, B. Fehendhoo, B. Fulhadhoo, B. Kudarikilu, V. Rakeedhoo, Ga. Dhevvadhoo, ADh. Dhidhdhoo, GDh. Nadella, L.Kunahandhoo, L. Naalafushi, L. Hithadhoo and M. Raiymandhoo. Development of water systems in N. Miladhoo, N. Landhoo, ADh. Fenfushi, Th. Dhiyamigili, K. Thulusdhoo, Th. Madifushi and ADh. Omadhoo was also handed over to contractors.

The projects were contracted to five different companies. They are FENAKA Corporation Limited, State Electric Company STELCO, Makitech Maldives Private Limited, Duplex Private Limited, and SASI Construction Private Limited.

FENAKA Corporation will be implementing water and sewerage projects in 10 islands and water projects in six islands. Water and Sewerage projects will be carried out in Sh. Bilehfahi, Sh. Noomaraa, N. Miladhoo, N. Magoodhoo, N. Landhoo, B. Kudarikilu, B. Kihaadhoo, B. Dhonfanu, B. Fehendhoo and B. Fulhadhoo. FENAKA will also be in-charge of the developig the water systems of M. Naalaafushi, M. Raiymandhoo, Th. Dhiyamigili, Th. Madifushi, L. Kunahandhoo, and ADh. Fenfushi.

STELCO has been contracted the water project of K. Thulusdhoo, while Makitech Maldives will complete water and sanitation work in Ga. Dhevvadhoo and L. Hithadhoo, and the water project in ADh. Omadhoo. Duplex Private Limited will develop the water and sewerage system in ADh. Dhidhdhoo and GDh. Nadella, while SASI Construction will handle the water and sewerage system of V. Rakeedhoo.

The scope of the projects includes:
- Surveying.
- Design of water and sewerage systems.
- Establishing the water and sewerage network.
- Installation of storage tanks.
- Establishing pump stations.
- Constructing sea outflow as well as establishing administrative offices.

The Planning Ministry said the projects would cost over MVR 920.6 million.