Home minister emphasizes strength of Adhaalath-MDP alliance

Home Minister and leader of Adaalath Party, Sheikh Imran Abdulla has stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's government cannot be overthrown as long as main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and Adhaalath Party remain as allies.

Speaking at a campaign event of an MDP candidate on Sunday, Imran said Adhaalath Party teamed up with MDP in order to protect the people from any negative affects they may have to suffer from, and to ensure that the people receive what they deserve.

"We have to protect the citizens from any negative consequences that may befall them. We also have to ensure that what the people receive are what they deserve and more. This is why we have to work together", said Imran.

Adhaalath Party has announced that they will be backing the MDP candidate for Fares Mathoda constituency, Alifushi constituency, Hoarafushi constituency and Kendhikulhudhoo constituency.

Speaking further, Imran said if Adlaalath and MDP remains as allies, it is unlikely that President Solihs government can be overthrown. The leader of MDP and former president of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed has previously claimed that other parties would conspire to overthrow the government if MDP is unable to attain parliament majority.

MDP and coalition partner Jumhooree Party has fallen out due to differences although JP still claims to be part of the ruling coalition. JP played a vital role in the coalition formed to ensure former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom was not re-elected for a second term.

In an agreement signed between the coalition leaders just ahead of the 2018 presidential elections, it was agreed that the coalition partners would team up to face the parliamentary elections and local council elections. However, largely influenced by Nasheed, MDP decided to dishonor the agreement and announced that they would be contesting for all 87 constituencies in the parliamentary elections slated for April instead of following the allocations dictated by the agreement. In retaliation, JP has now decided to contest for 36 constituencies, in addition to backing some contestants from the opposition for the parliamentary election.