Janah elected as MNACI president

Mohamed Ali Janah has been elected as the president of Maldives National Association of Construction Industry (MNACI).

Janah is the chairman of Hotel and Resort Construction and the president of International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors Association (IFAWPCA).

MNACI was previously run as Maldives Association of Construction Industry (MACI). Janah was elected as the president of the association at the association's 17th annual general assembly held on Tuesday night at Hotel Jen, with the unanimous votes of all 80 members present at the assembly. This is Janah's eighth term as president of the association.

Speaking at the ceremony following his election, Janah, who played a vital role in establishing MNACI said new efforts will be undertaken during the term to further strengthen the association. The association will give special attention to reforming the construction industry to avoid tragic construction-related incidents.

"I intend to make it mandatory for all association members to complete a basic safety course - if not, their membership will be suspended. I will present this proposal to the board", said Janah.

Janah noted that his predecessor and the board had done a lot of work during the previous term, and stressed that MNACI aims to resolve the challenges faced by small and medium enterprises.

"What we need are innovative ideas. I will try to build the relationship between construction companies despite the competitiveness that exists between these companies. We have always cooperated with the government to develop the country. Hopefully, MNACI will also remain behind President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in the same regard", said Janah.

During the annual assembly, the board and executive committee of the association were elected. While Janah was elected as the president of the ex-co, Alau Ali from ALIA Investments and Abdulla Salih from Damas company were elected as vice presidents. Former Vice President of the association Adnan Haleem was elected as the Secretary General.

During the ceremony, MNACI recognized top financial contributors to the association, which included Janah, Alau, Abdulla Salih and Abdulla Mohamed of Amin Construction.