Online expats system services interrupted temporarily

Maldives Immigration has temporarily halted the services given through their online expat system until the work done by immigration is transitioned to Economic Ministry.

Immigration did not inform when the expat system will be back in operation, although they previously said the system would be down from 5th to 7th March.

All work related to expatriates entering the Maldives were handed over to Economic Ministry on 11th February. In a statement released by the Ministry, it was stated that the change was brought int order to implement the new policies undertaken by the government to reform the system followed in authorizing entry of expatriates into the Maldives.

According to the new policy, arrangement of quota, granting employment approvals, accepting visa deposit fees and issuing refunds, as well as registration work for the online expats system will be done by the Economic Ministry.

The issue of undocumented expatriates in the Maldives has been on the rise during the past few years. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has pledged to seek a solution to the issue.

While 144,607 expatriates are currently working in the Maldives under a work visa, Immigration estimates that 63,000 expats in the Maldives are undocumented.