HRCM calls for the defense of migrant rights

Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) has called for the replacement of negative connotations, and discrimination against expatriates with respectful communication.

HRCM released a statement on Wednesday in light of International Migrants Day wherein the commission highlighted the purpose of marking the day was to create awareness towards the challenges faced by migrants from various backgrounds and circumstances, advocate for their resolution, and accentuate the defense of migrant rights.

The statement stated that while expatriates mainly migrate to the Maldives for employment, several laws had been established on the safety and protection of their rights, as well as their legal obligations. Despite this, certain people have exhibited disregard to these laws.

Several cases filed to HRCM ranged from unsafe working environments, unpaid work, and discrimination, to inhuman living conditions.

The statement further stated that cases of employers confiscating passports and such personal documents, dismissal without notice, human trafficking, cases of death caused by harmful working conditions, and disappearances of workers were reported to the commission as well.

Thus, HRCM has called out for the Maldivian government, the media, and relevant bodies to collaborate in the commission's efforts to enforce the implementation of these laws in order to ensure the safety and protection of these individuals, and secure a greater society.

The commission highlighted that migrants as well must uphold their legal obligations.