MDP returned to ensure development, says ex-pres

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has stated that main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has once again returned to govern the country to bring about development and to ensure the rights of the people.

MDP was the ruling party in 2008 with Nasheed as the president, before he stepped down from his position due to pressure from the opposition.

Speaking at a campaign event in Kulhudhuffushi island, the former president said Agenda 19, the concept for amendments to be brought about in the 19th parliament compiled by the party, is based on past experiences and future visions for the country.

Nasheed said Agenda 19 is based on the people's need and is a legal framework that would help fulfill the President's pledges to the nation.

"This is a framework, a legal framework, a key instrument in fulfilling the pledges of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. The President's pledges are the pledges of MDP, it is [based on] your needs - this development vision was compiled from the information gathered while going door-to-door and speaking to the people", said Nasheed.

"We are here for a singe purpose; for the development of the people. We are here to ensure that the people of the Maldives receive their rightful bit - To assure the rightful amount deserved by the people of Kulhhuduffushi and this atoll", said Nasheed further.

Nasheed stressed that development means doubling the income of the citizens of the nation, and unceasing the income of families, Development means being able to ensure that the people of the nation are able to live comfortably within their means, said Nasheed.

"Development is not the asphalt installed on the road, development is not concrete. No one will point at a Highmark [excavator] to show development. Development is being able to live in comfort with our children, development is being able to attain this".

Nasheed highlighted that Agenda 19 represents family as the epitome of development, and assured that Agenda 19 would assist in the development of families.

While Maldives is today a medium income country, it is the aim of Agenda 19 to ensure that the Maldives can be counted among the most developed nations of the wold. The Maldives is already among the top countries in terms of creativity and production, he said.

"The budget approved for this year is MVR 30 billion.Today, the national production is at MVR 77 billion, this amounts to over USD 15,000 per head. Agenda 19 will take Maldives to the standard of developed nations", promised Nasheed.

Agenda 19 is an overall solution to all issues faced by the people of the nation, and all their needs. MDP is a party that keeps their promises, assured Nasheed.