High Court to deliver judgement on all election related complaints

The High Court has scheduled to deliver verdicts on all petitions filed at tcourt regarding the parliamentary election scheduled for Saturday, April 6.

High Court revealed that seven cases were filed a the court, all regarding the omission of the names of eligible voters in the voters list.

The seven cases were all filed requesting to include their names in the voters list for
Thimarafushi constituency. The complaints were filed as the names of the seven people did not appear on the Thimarafushi constituency voters list despite having previously requested to change their registration to Thimarafushi island.

The hearings of the cases have been concluded, therefore, the hearing that has been scheduled for Thursday would deliver a verdict on the case. According to Article 65)b) of the Elections General Act, for any petitions filed with the High Court pursuant to section 64 of the same Act, the High Court should deliver judgement on the matter within not more than 30 days of the announcement of official results of the election.

While 501 ballot boxes will be placed for the parliamentary election, 264,442 people are eligible to vote in the election.