The people have said no to corruption, says Pres

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Saturday stated that it has become clear with the parliamentary election results that Maldivians no longer wish to be engulfed in corruption and thievery.

Addressing the crowd of MDP supporters celebrating the party's astounding win in Saturday's election, President Solih said he was elected as the President of the Maldives to investigate the transgressions of the previous government, and the suspicious murders and enforced disappearances that took place over the past few years. The people elected him to establish justice and to govern the country fairly and justly, he said.

"The presidential commissions I established will hopefully start functioning at a better pace with the new parliament", said the President.

The president's wish to grant sweeping authorities to the two presidential commissions established to investigate corruption, and suspicious deaths and enforced disappearances were presented as a bill to the parliament, which failed to be approved by the parliament over multiple attempts. The bill now lies dormant as it was returned back to the committee that researched the bill, on grounds that issues were identified in the original report presented by the committee on the bills. No work has been done on the bills since then. Several members representing the ruling-coalition, including Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim do not support the bills.

The President further said the people have done their part by ensuring an MDP majority in the parliament, and what remains now is the responsibility of the government to fulfill the pledges made to the people.