Chinese tourist drifting at sea rescued

A Chinese tourist on holiday in Maldives was rescued by a diving boat after drifting off at sea.

The police revealed that the 28 year old man was rescued by a diving boat of Kandhoomaa Resort after drifting off while swimming alone off uninhabited island Lhos Fushi in Male' atoll.

The man initially refused to be rescued, but later obliged to be taken aboard the diving boat after the crew convinced him that they would not leave him at sea. He was short of breath and was visibly tired when he was recused. He had been floating with the help of a life jacket.

The police said they questioned the man after he was taken to Kandoomaa Resort by the boat crew, and the owners of the guest house he was staying at in Guraidhoo sland were also questioned.

The man is in good health. The incident took place around 6.30pm on Tuesday.