Police seize 149kg of drugs

The police have seized 150kg of drugs smuggled into Maldives via the sea route.

MPS revealed that a special operation was executed jointly by Criminal Investigation Comman, Divisional Policing Command and Drug Intelligence at an uninhabited island in Gaaf Dhaal atoll. While five people were arrested in the operation, the police did not reveal the name of the island.

The drugs were discovered buried in the island. The police they canvassed several areas in Gaaf Dhaal atoll for 72 hours to locate the drugs.

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed announced the successful operation of the police at a ceremony held iin GDh. atoll to mark the 86th anniversary of the Police. CP Hameed commended the efforts of the police in executing th operation.

While it is known that Heroin and Cannabis were among the seized drugs, the police stated that more information regarding the operation will be divulged at a later time