Water consumption in capital Male' increases by 46%

The consumption of tap water in capital Male’ has increased by 46% over the last nine years, Male' Water & Sewerage Company Pvt. Ltd (MWSC)’s statistics have revealed.

The fact sheets published by National Bureau of Statistics based on information provided by the utility company show that 24,965 metric tonnes of water were used during 2010 in Male' city. The amount increased to 36,522 metric tonnes in 2018, showing an increase of 4% from the amount of water consumed in the previous year, which was 35,117 metric tonnes.

The amount of water consumption in local households is also steadily increasing, showing an increase of 46% in the last nine years. While 22,389 metric tonnes of water were used in households in 2010, this amount had increased to 31,773 metric tonnes by the end of 2018.

The consumption of water by local businesses also increased by more than a 100%. While 2,027 metric tonnes of water were used by businesses in 2010, this amount increased to 4,105 metric tonnes in 2018.