'Risk of permanent vision loss if treatment is not sought' - ex-VP's spouse

Wife of former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb, Mariyam Nashwa has stated that there is a risk of Adeeb losing his eye-sight if he does not receive treatment for his condition from abroad at the earliest.

Adeeb has been receiving treatment for glaucoma, a serious eye disease for a number of years. While doctors have advised him to seek treatment abroad, he was not granted permission to leave the country by the previous government.

While medical documents publicized by his family show that his condition has deteriorated due to lack of proper treatment de to the delay in treatment, his case was presented to the medical board by the current administration.

Adeeb's spouse on Wednesday stated that the current administration initially brought a glaucoma specialist to state-run IGMH instead of allowing Adeeb to seek treatment abroad. The specialist also recommended for Adeeb to travel abroad for treatment, and it was only after this that the government submitted Adeeb's case at the medical board, Nashwa said.

The government immediately approved for Adeeb to fly abroad for his treatment after the medical board's recommendation. While many have expressed their concern at the decision, an emergency motion regarding the decision has also filed at the parliament with members warning that it is a dangerous course of action to permit Adeeb to travel abroad.

Defending Adeeb, Nashwa stated that is is a basic human right for Adeeb to have access to proper medical treatment, and thanked all entities advocating for Adeeb's rights. Nashwa revealed that during the medical trip, cancer screening tests will also be done in addition to undertaking glaucoma treatment. While Adeeb is also suffering from kidney issues, doctors have been recommending Adeeb to undergo a cancer screening for a while.

Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday announced that officers from Maldives Police Service and Maldives Correctional Service will be accompanying Adeeb during his trip.

"We assure that although we are allowing Ahmed Adeeb to seek medical treatment abroad to allow him his rights, we have made all arrangements to ensure that it will not stand in the way delivering justice and holding Adeeb accountable", read the statement released by the ministry.

Recently, jail sentences adding up to 33 years against Adeeb were overturned by the courts. While the Supreme Court overturned the 10 year jail sentence handed to the ex-VP on a weapons charge, the High court has ordered the Criminal Court to conduct a retrial of the cases implicating Adeeb in the explosion that occurred aboard the presidential speedboat in 2015, and graft allegations involving Maabinhuraa island. At the moment, no cases against Adeeb are in court.

Adeeb, who has escaped several criminal convictions is currently serving a 15-day sentence over contempt of court. He will be a free man this Friday.