Bridge linking Male', Villimale' to industrial zones to be proposed at MPF19

The government of Maldives will be presenting a prospective project of US$ 488 million for the construction of bridges linking Male' city and Greater Male' Industrial Zone at the Maldives Partnership Forum 2019.

According to the forum website, Male' Commercial Harbor will also be relocated to industrial island Thilafushi under the project.

While the government prepares to seek funds for the project, the former government also carried out a major project to construct a bridge between Male' and reclaimed suburbs Hulhumale'. The project carried out by CCC Company of China cost USD 200 million.

Maldives Partnership Forum, co-hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Finnce is the biggest multilateral gathering of its kind to be organized in the Maldives. While multiple countries and international organizations are participating in the forum kicking off on Monday, it is expected to strengthen bilateral relations in addition to opening up new opportunities for the Maldives.