Surveys on Villimale' bridge conducted in the past

Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer has revealed that survey work on building a bridge between Male' and Villimale' was conducted earlier.

The government of Maldives presented a project proposal of US$ 488 million for the construction of bridges linking Male' city and Greater Male' Industrial Zone at the Maldives Partnership Forum 2019.

Answering a question asked by AVAS at the press conference held to conclude the forum, Minister Ameer said surveys were done in the past regarding linking the two islands though a bridge. However, he did not reveal when the said surveys were conducted.

"Surveys have been done in the past. The value [of US$ 488 million] is based on these surveys and the opinions of our technical experts", said Ameer.

A bridge connecting Male to reclaimed suburbs Hulhumale' was constructed during former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom's rule by CCC company of China. Near the end of his term, President Yameen had stated that the then-government was working to link Male' ad Villimale' via a bridge. Speaking at the 2017 Independence Day function, the former president had pledged to link Male' and Villimale' to industrial zones Guhifalhu and Thilafushi via a bridge after the completion of the Hulhumale'- Male' bridge. However, it is unknown if an official survey was done by the former government.