CP Hameed express concern over rising number of expats in Maldives

Police commissioner Mohamed Hameed has expressed concern over the rising number of foreigners in the Maldives, and the threats it may pose to the country's security.

During Tuesday's session on the country's governance and security at the Partnership Forum, the representative from Greece questioned regarding extremist views on religion that is spread through foreigners.

Answering the question, CP Hameed said firm steps need to be taken to manage the increase of foreign laborers in the archipelago.

"Its is not only the strict religious views but also the increase in crime rate [due to increase of expatriate numbers]. The issue of the increasing number of foreign laborers needs to be managed", stated CP Hameed.

In addition to the Greek representative, the Austrian representative also voiced concern at the rate at which extremist religious beliefs were spreading across the country. He further questioned on the illegal activities that may take place within the Maldivian waters and inquired regarding the measures that are being taken by authorities to such activities.

Acknowledging the questions, Chief of Defence Abdulla Shamaal stated that measures are being taken against religious extremism through joint effort of relevant authorities. Shamaal said information exchange between authorities, and operations on how to attend to emergency crisis are being carried out by the relevant authorities.