Resolution passed by parliament to warn action against top court

A resolution filed at the parliament to resolve the Supreme Court's recent orders as unconstitutional, and to warn the Supreme Court not to infringe on the parliament's mandate were approved by the parliament on Wednesday.

The motion was approved with 68 members voting in favor of the resolution. The motion was submitted by Thulhaadhoo MP Hisaan Hussain while debating on the Supreme Court order issued last Monday deeming all actions and decisions based on the Judicial Service Commission (JSC)'s decision to suspend top court judge Abdulla Didi as invalid.

The resolution stated that the recent orders being issued by the apex court that state that neither parliament
committees nor the parliament have the authority to look into JSC's decisions, is a move that seeks to constrict the mandate of the parliament, and weakens the people's power. If the Supreme Court orders were to be followed, it would mean that the parliament is giving up the powers mandated by the constitution, which would subsequently destruct the country's governance, it read further.

The resolution also sates that the constitution makes it clear that no state entities nor institutions may decide what the parliament and its committees can and cannot do.

According to the resolution, the parliament agrees to instruct the top court to stay within their jurisdiction, and to issue warning that if the court continues to attempt to exert influence on the parliament, the parliament will any action necessary against the Supreme Court in order to uphold its powers.

All members who debated on the resolution criticized the Supreme Court, with several MPs stating that the citizens no longer have any trust or confidence in the Supreme Court, with some calling to dismiss all judges of the apex court.

The parliament earlier on Tuesday approved a motion resolving that the Supreme Court's orders issued against the JSC's decision to suspend Didi were unconstitutional.