No. of Maldivians visiting Sri Lanka falls by 18%

Number of Maldivians travelling to Sri Lanka have decreased by 18%.

Tourism in Sri Lanka has suffered greatly due to serial bombing which took place throughout the country last April.

Statistic released following the serial terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday show that 4,655 Maldivians traveled to Sri Lanka in April, while 5,696 visited the neighboring nation during the same period last year. This is a decrease of 18%.

The country has temporarily halted releasing statistical reports in tourism since the attacks.

Maldives play a huge ole in Sri Lanka's tourism. However airlines have noted that the number of Maldivians who traveled to Sri Lanka during the recent Eid al Fitr holidays had decreased drastically compared to other years. Maldives has always been among the top seven countries from which tourists visit Sri Lanka. A survey done on the spending habits of Maldivians abroad show that Maldivians spend around US$ 600 excluding air tickets when visiting Sri Lanka.

The number of tourists visiting the Sri lanka from around the globe has fallen by 80% in the aftermath of the April 22 terrorist attacks. Tourism occupancy rate has also declined by 85%.