Security heightened in Maafushi following unrest

Maldives Police Services has heightened security measures in Maafushi island after disturbances of different calibers took place in the island following Thursday's unrest at the prison.

The police revealed that a backup police team has been dispatched to Maafushi prison on the request of Maldives Correctional Services, and are currently on standby at the prison. While operations are being executed at the prison by Maldives Correctional Service, the island is being patrolled by MPS as an added security measure.

While the police have not revealed further information on the operation, it has been rumored that inmates in Unit Six of the prison went on hunger strike, and ESG and SO police in riot gear had intervened.

Six inmates and one prison officer were injured during Thursday's prison unrest. While it has been confirmed that prison officers engaged in the use of excessive force to control the situation, the police has launched an investigation into the incident incident. The police are also probing two cases where a group had gathered in front of the main gate of the prison on Sunday evening, and an attack on a prison officer on a street of Maafushi island.

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) also probed Thursday events and has sent a report on their findings to the parliament. The Human Rights Committee of the parliament is also looking into the case.