Ex-VP Adeeb's medical trip extended by ten days

Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb's medical leave has been extended by ten additional days.

Maldives Correctional Services released a press statement late Tuesday confirming that the authority has granted an extension on Adeeb's medical trip abroad until July 6 as doctors have advised Adeeb to undergo a cancer screening. Therefore, the authority is complying with doctor's recommendations, they said.

Adeeb departed to neighboring India on 14th June after the medical board granted a period of one year to seek medical treatment from abroad due his many health issues, including kidney issues and eye disease Glaucoma. However, if no further treatment was required, Adeeb was initially expected to return to Maldives on June 26.

Adeeb and his wife Mariyam Nashwa are being accompanied by three officers from Corrections and a police officer during the trip.

Maldives Immigration did not release Adeeb's passport and instead issued a travel document with a validity of one year, which would expire upon his early return. Adeeb can travel only to India with the issued document.

Ministry of Home Affairs has stated that the government is allowing Adeeb to travel abroad only due to necessity. All relevant entities including the Home Ministry have assured that Adeeb will not be able to flee during his trip abroad.

The former Vice president was sentenced to 33 years in jail over multiple criminal convictions including his involvement in the explosion that occurred aboard the presidential speedboat 'Finifenmaa' in 2015. He was also convicted for the possession of illegal firearms and graft allegations involving MMPRC. However, the sentences were recently dismissed, with the High Court ordering the Criminal Court to conduct retrials on the three cases.

Adeeb is currently serving a jail sentence of 15 days for contempt of court. The days of his travel will not be counted towards his sentence, and will be resumed upon his return. Five days still remain on the sentence.