Ex-VP Adeeb returns to Maldives after concluding medical trip

Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb on Saturday returned to Maldives after concluding his medical trip to neighboring India.

Adeeb arrived in the Maldives accompanied by his wife Mariyam Nashwa on Saturday evening due to the travel period granted to Adeeb by Maldives Correctional Service coming to end. He had sought treatment at Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune for Glaucoma, a condition that causes damage to the eye's optic nerve.

Adeeb also underwent a cancer screening, and has been recommended by his doctors to return to India after six months for a review.

The former Vice president was sentenced to 33 years in jail over multiple criminal convictions including his involvement in the explosion that occurred aboard the presidential speedboat 'Finifenmaa' in 2015. He was also convicted for the possession of illegal firearms and graft allegations involving MMPRC. However, the sentences were recently dismissed, with the High Court ordering the Criminal Court to conduct retrials on the three cases.

Adeeb is currently serving a jail sentence of 15 days for contempt of court. The days of his travel will not be counted towards his sentence, and will be resumed upon his return. Five days still remain on the sentence.

The public had expressed concern when Adeeb was granted permission to travel to India, with many speculating that Adeeb would not return back to Maldives. However, earlier on Saturday, Adeeb released a document on Twitter stating that he would not run away from investigations and responsibilities.

"I have been with you in good times and even through the tough times and I will always be with you. I will face your investigations and I will never run away from responsibilities. No matter what anyone says, I love you Maldives, our beloved and beautiful nation!", wrote Adeeb.