Bangladeshi worker crushed by jumbo bag, confirms police

AVAS has learnt that Wednesday's tragic incident where a man was crushed to death after an object fell on him involved a loaded jumbo bag.

While it was previously reported that the 24 year old man was crushed by a cement bag that fell from an 11 storey building under construction by Jaah Investments in Hulhumale'. However, recent updates have revealed that the incident occurred at a cement warehouse located 15 feet away from the building in question. The Bangladeshi victim was a worker at the site, and was standing directly in line of collision of the falling bag which fell from a five-feet height while cement bags were being retrieved from the loaded jumbo bag.

It is unclear whether the worker was working at the site with necessary permits.

The police have stated that the previous reports were erroneous and confirmed that the man died when a jumbo bag loaded with cement bags fell on top of his head.

An official from Jaah investments said construction work is carried out by the company according to the rules and regulations and assured that the company had taken appropriate precautionary safety measures. Wednesday's incident did not occur due to negligence, he said, while expressing concern on how the news is being reported in the media. The case is currently under investigation, so no further information can be shared at the time, he said.

A similar incident occurred last December where a bag of cement that fell from a building in capital Male' crushing a 9-year old Bangladeshi girl. Following the girl's death, the relevant authorities conducted site inspections on all work sites in Male', however, several worrying incidents continue to occur at these sites.