Dredging work to expand sea plane landing area commenced

Dredging work to expand the sea plane landing area at Velena International Airport is underway before the completion of the new sea plane terminal.

Maldives Airport Company (MACL) has temporarily closed the causeway connecting Hulhule island and Hulhumale' until the work is concluded.

MACL stated that vehicles can temporarily enter Hulhule through the eastern side of the highway, which is mainly used by MACL staff for entering and exiting the airport.

While the expansion of seaplane landing area is underway, the structural work of the seaplane terminal has been concluded and work on the docking platforms has commenced. The installation of sea plane docking platforms are ongoing.

The lifts have already been installed in the structure, and the work on the exterior of the building, and the electrical wiring and water installation are also ongoing.

Being the country with the world's largest sea plane base, the new terminal being built at Velana International Airport would revolutionize the services given at the airport. The project commenced on 29th January 2018.

Situated on the eastern side of Velana International Airport (VIA) behind the Air Traffic Control tower, the sea plane terminal will cost US$ 40 million. Once the project is completed, seaplane landing area will increase by 50%. The terminal will house over 80 docking platforms by the end of the project.