'Chances of Ebola Virus spreading to Maldives slim' - HPA

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has stated that chances of the Ebola virus spreading to Maldives is slim despite the outbreak of the virus in Democratic Republic of Congo.

In a statement released by the HPA on Thursday, they said the risk assessment report of Ebola Virus shows that the chances of the virus spreading to the Maldives is slim.

However, since the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared an international public health emergency due to the outbreak, a response plan has been activated to prepare for such a situation. Preventive measures are also being under taken in liaison with relevant authorities, said HPA.

Discussions have been conducted with the Health Emergency Coordination Committee on the preparations that should be undertaken by the health sector, in addition to discussions with International Health Regulation Committee and other relevant entities to share information on the matter, assured HPA.

Additionally, the procedure on how to handle the situation if an individual is found to be positive to Ebola Virus has been reviewed, and work is being done to familiarize relevant authorities with the action plan. The authority will continue to closely monitor the situation, added HPA.