Trainer aircraft crashes into ocean after engine failure

An aircraft of Addu Flying School crashed into the ocean after its engine failed on Friday.

It has been reported that the aircraft fell into the ocean near Shangri-La Resort. An Indian instructor and a Maldivian student were aboard the aircraft at the time of the crash.

A student of the flight school told AVAS that the engine of the aircraft failed while the aviation student was being taught about 'force landing' during emergency situations. Although the aircraft plummeted into the ocean, both people have been rescued.

The incident occurred around 4.30 pm on Friday. Neither the instructor nor the student suffered any injuries in the incident.

MNDF's information Officer Major Azim Ibrahim said the two people were rescued and initially taken to Shangri-La resort. They were then taken to Feydhoo Heath Center for evaluation. The aircraft was located 8.6 meters underwater.