Bar Council seeks volunteers for working groups

The newly established Bar Council is seeking volunteer lawyers to complete preparations necessary to appoint lawyers for the council's permanent sub committees.

All regulatory power related to Legal Professionals including issuing licenses and penalization falls within the mandate of the Bar Council. The council's executive committee was elected last month in a vote among registered Maldivian lawyers. The committee consists of six lawyers in addition to the President and Vice President of the council, and the Attorney General.

In addition to the executive committee, permanent sub committees on ethics, licensing, appealing, law education, law reform and research are to be established The Bar Council has announced that they will be establishing working groups to put together the sub committees, and that the groups will be working together with the executive committee to appoint members for the sub committees and to establish a framework to dismiss members and working out remunerations.

At least three lawyers will be appointed to each working group in charge of each sub committee, and education qualifications and work experience will be prioritized when choosing volunteers for the groups. All interested candidates are to submit their applications by 20th August 2019.