Minimum Wage Board to make recommendations to ministry by December

Minimum Wage Advisory Board has revealed that all work to decide a minimum wage will be concluded by December.

In a statement released by the board on Wednesday, they said the board's recommendations will be forwarded to Ministry of Economic Development by December.

The statement further said while a minimum wage is being established in the Maldives for the first time, compiling all necessary information and conducting a proper research is vital. The statement said a road map has been created which the board has been following.

The board has been receiving assistance from International Labour Organization (IOL), and a delegation from the organization visited the Maldives last month to conduct discussions.

The available information at the participating entities were identified during the discussions, and additional information that were required was also recognized.

The board said they are currently in the process of compiling information available at different government entities and other parties, and said they have met with several officials from the government and industry representatives as well as employee tribunals.

An 'enterprise survey' is being conducted to obtain the reminder of the required information, said the statement further.

Establishing a minimum wage is a presidential ledge of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. The president established the five-member minimum wage advisory board on this year's Labour Day.