Dept. Economic Minister Zamir resigns from post

Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs, Hussain Zamir has resigned from his post.

Zamir was appointed as Deputy Minister under the banner of the current ruling coalition partner, the Jumhooree Party.

In his resignation letter, Zamir did not provide a specific reason for his departure. However, it is widely believed that his decision was influenced by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's recent second-place defeat in the first round of the presidential election.

Taking to Facebook to announce his resignation, Zamir said the people have made their voices heard and that it is now time to move forward in accordance with the people's decision.

The presidential election was also contested by the JP leader Qasim Ibrahim. Qasim received 5,524 votes, representing 2.5 percent of the total vote.

While President Solih is set to face the leading contender, PPM-PNC presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, in the upcoming election runoff scheduled for September 30, the Jumhooree Party has not yet determined which candidate it will endorse for the second round. The party has affirmed its commitment to continuing its reform initiatives.