Pres Solih expects support from Democrats and JP members in second round

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has expressed confidence about garnering the support of many members of The Democrats and Jumhooree Party (JP) in the second round of the presidential election.

In the initial round of the presidential election held on September 9, both The Democrats and JP fielded candidates. While JP candidate Qasim Ibrahim secured a fifth-place finish, The Democrats' candidate Ilyas Labeeb came third. After extensive talks with the two candidates who advanced to the second round, PPM-PNC candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu and incumbent President Solih, both parties have decided not to endorse either candidate for the second round.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday after a door-to-door campaigning event in the Maafannu ward of Male' City, President Solih said despite JP's decision not to support any candidate formally, numerous members of the JP Council are engaged in discussions to join his campaign.

"Some of them have already announced their intention on social media. More members are expected to announce within the next six hours," he said, expressing his hope that a majority of JP supporters would vote for him in the second round.

The president further said The Democrats' support is also expected. He said the support of the members of both parties would lead to an easy victory in the second round.

The President said during the door-to-door campaign, several people said they did not vote in the first round of the election. However, the outcome of the first round has motivated many of these individuals to form their own teams to campaign for him, he said.

"Hopefully, we will have an easy victory in this election. The President said.

The President received 86,161 votes in the first round of the presidential election, while his rival candidate, Dr. Muizzu, garnered 101,635 votes.