Four High Court judges apply for Supreme Court vacancies

Four High Court judges have applied for available vacancies for Judges at the Supreme Court.

A reliable source confirmed to AVAS that the judges who had applied for the vacancies are former Chief Judge at the High Court Ali Sameer, Judge Mohamed Niyaz who recently joined High Court, Judge Abdullah Hameed and Judge Shuaib Hussain Zakariya.

While the four judges have applied for the post, Judge Sameer and judge Hameed's names were earlier submitted to the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for lobbying.

The parliament recently passed an amendment to change the Supreme Court bench from five to seven justices. Therefore, two vacant seats are available on the Supreme Court bench. While President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has proposed former High Court Judge Azmiralda Zahir and Civil Court Judge and Bar Council member Aishath Shujoon for the posts, the JSC has accepted the president's recommendations.

However, there is some controversy regarding appointing female judges from a religious perspective, due to which there have been some disagreements regarding the issue. A fatwa was recently issued by the Fatwa Committee disapproving of appointing female judges to the bench.