Committee approves Pres Solih's recommendations for Supreme Court

The Parliament's Judiciary Committee has approved the names forwarded by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih regarding appointing them to the Supreme Court.

President Solih on Monday recommended to appoint former High Court judge Azmiralda Zahir and former Civil Court judge Aisha Shujoon Mohamed to the Supreme Court bench.

The two names were submitted to the parliament after President Solih ratified the 3rd amendment to the Judicature Act, which increased the number of Judges residing on the Supreme Court bench from five to seven. The President forwarded their names to the parliament for approval after consulting and obtaining the approval of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

All members who took part in Monday night's Judiciary Committee voted in favor of approving both individuals.

There have been some disagreements among Islamic scholars regarding the permissibility of appointing female judges from a religious perspective. While the Supreme Council of Fatwa recently issued an opinion stating that it is impermissible to appoint female judges, some scholars are calling for the president to review his recommendation.