'Dismissal being pursued unlawfully' - SC Judge Adam

Suspended Supreme Court Justice Adam Mohamed Abdulla has stated that the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) is seeking his dismissal unlawfully.

JSC last week suspended the judge along with Chief Justice Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi, and forwarded their recommendation to remove the judges to the Parliament for deliberation. While the Parliament's Judiciary Committee has approved the move, the matter will soon be presented to the Parliament floor, and a decision will be made on the issue.

Judge Adam Mohamed Abdulla on Sunday sent a letter to JSC, Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, and the Parliament's Judiciary Committee stating that the JSC was not following regulations in seeking his dismissal.

The letter said according to Article 30)a) of the Judicial Service Commission Act, when an investigation committee's report on a concluded investigation is sent to the recipient judge of the complaint, the judge has the opportunity to submit in writing any information that needs to be given to the commission in relation to the report within 30 days of receiving the report.

The letter said the judge learnt of JSC's decision to seek his dismissal through the media, and that no report on the decision has been received by the judge to date. He remains unaware over what issue he is being dimissed, said Judge Adam.

While he is yet to receive a report on the commission's investigation, the judge learnt of the Judiciary Commission's decision to approve JSC's recommendation through the media as well, he said.

Therefore, JSC's decision to seek his dismissal, and the Judiciary Committee's decision that JSC were correct in pursuing his dismissal is in violation of rights assured to him by Article 30 of the JSC Act, said the judge in his letter. If the parliament votes to dismiss him as per JSC's recommendation, it would also be in violation of the rights assured to the judge, he noted.

Sharing his concerns on the matter with JSC, Speaker Nasheed and the Judiciary Committee, Judge Adam requested the parties to respond to his concerns in writing.

A vote will be taken during Monday's parliament sitting regarding the decision made by the Judiciary Committee on the matter. It is likely that both the Chief Justice and Judge Adam will be impeached as main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) holds super-majority of the Parliament.