Parliament to decide on Judge Didi's dismissal tonight

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has proposed the parliament to impeach Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Didi.

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has announced that a decision will be made regarding Didi's dismissal during Tuesday night's parliament sitting.

JSC made the decision to seek Didi's dismissal from the parliament during its meeting early Tuesday. According to regulations, a judge can be dismissed only with parliament approval.

Only one judge has been been dismissed by the Parliament in its history, when the parliament voted to dismiss Magistrate Ibrahim Raheed of GDh Thinadhoo Magistrate Court earlier this year.

Earlier this year, JSC suspended Judge Didi over disciplinary complaints filed against the judge. As per Judge Didi's request, JSC held an open investigative meeting which was broadcast live on national TV. During the hearing, serious allegations were made against the judge. However, the Justice denied all allegations against him and requested for additional time to respond to the allegations. Justice Abdulla Didi later responded to the allegations made against him in writing.

Judge Didi then left the country for 'a month', although more than a month has now passed since Didi left the country. While Didi is still in abroad, he had his diplomatic passport cancelled on his request.

The initial report on Judge Didi was issued by the investigating committee, and Judge Didi was granted 30 days to respond to the report. While Didi responded to the committee's findings within the period, his response does not justify his actions, and there are no grounds to review the recommendations in the report, announced JSC on Tuesday.

JSC is now officially seeking his dismissal through the Parliament, and a decision will be made tonight, confirmed the Speaker.