Pres submits OIC Statute on Empowering Women for Parliament consideration

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Tuesday submitted to the Parliament for their review the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)'s 'Statute of the OIC Women Development Organization'.

The President's Office said President Solih submitted the statute for the Parliament's approval on the advice of his cabinet.

OIC Women Development Organization is a statute compiled in 2013 as part of the OIC's 10-year plan of action, by member countries, and is intended to empower women and conduct programs designed to diversify and strengthen their skillsets through the establishment of a sub-organization devoted exclusively to these ends. Several OIC member states, including Gambia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Libya and Egypt are presently signatories.

The cabinet recommended passing this statute due to the manifold benefits and renewed opportunities it would bring to the country with regards to progressing the work currently undertaken by the administration to advance women's roles in society.