Nasheed calls on govt to expedite seeking charges based on commission's findings

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has called on the government to expedite seeking charges against those involved in extremist religious organizations linked to murders in the Maldives.

The Presidential Commission Investigating Murders and Enforced Disappearances on Sunday disseminated previously unknown information on three high profile murders that occurred in Maldives in the recent history.

President of the Commission Husnu-Al-Suood rn Sunday revealed that extremist religious organizations in Maldives were behind the murders of journalist Ahmed Rilwan, blogger Yameen Rasheed, and MP Dr. Afraashim Ali.

Suood said while two main religious organizations operate in the Maldives, one group is affiliated with Jabat-Al-Nusra of Syria, and the second group is part of Abubakur-Al-Baghdadi's Islamic State (IS) in Iraq. The commission has obtained evidence that journalist Rilwan was murdered by one of the groups after he was abducted in Hulhumale' and made to board a boat.

Suood further revealed that the organizations were also behind the large robberies that took place in Male city in the recent months.

In a tweet posted by Nasheed regarding the commission's revelations, he said charges should be pursued against involved parties in light of the information obtained by the commission. Nasheed said the propagation of extremist ideologies in Maldives must be stopped.

Nasheed called on Maldives police Service to fulfill their responsibilities to address the issue.

While Nasheed has called on the government to expedite taking action based on the findings of the commission, the commission revealed on Sunday that they are seeking to impose travel bans on suspects involved in the murders.