Vice President inaugurates 5th International Teacher's Conference

Vice President Faisal Naseem on Tuesday delivered remarks at the 5th International Teacher’s Conference at Addu City.

His remarks highlighted that the conference comes at an opportune time for Maldives as the administration is firmly resolved to undertake initiatives to improve the quality of education provided by Maldivian schools.

He stressed on the importance of Maldives learning the effective methods of countries well-regarded in the quality of education, such as Finland. He remarked on how Finnish schools emphasize autonomous learning and critical thinking over rote learning, memorization and frequent examinations, and yield clear results. This is evident in the high global rankings Finland routinely achieves in the education field.

He further commended the high esteem in which Finland regards teachers and the steps they take to guarantee entry to only the most capable individuals. He revealed that they require a minimum of a Master’s degree for even the most basic teaching jobs.

He noted that it is paramount that our education system prioritizes a comprehensive and just educational approach that is fair to all students.

Furthermore, the Vice President expressed that it is essential that students who demonstrate great academic aptitude are provided a challenging curriculum, those who struggle are provided adequate support, and students with special needs are provided proper guidance and attention. In addition, he disclosed that these sentiments have been compiled into President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s Education Sector Plan 2019-2023.

The 5th International Teacher's Conference, organized by the National Institute of Education, will focus on Education from a Global, National and Individual scale while providing a forum for academics from different nationalities to share insights and expertise relevant to the field.