Phone, laptop of suspect in Rilwan's murder taken into police custody

Maldives Police Service released Ahmed 'Kid' Agleel from Seenu Feydhoo after taking him in for questioning during a search operation conducted on Tuesday night to effect a search warrant obtained by the Presidential Commission Investigating Murders and Enforced Disappearances.

The search was conducted based on the findings of the presidential commission on the murder of Miniwan News journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

Rilwan was abducted in 2014 in reclaimed suburbs Hulhumale' and transferred to a boat on which he was murdered. The report alleges that Agleel took care of the financing required to arrange the boat in question.

During Tuesday's operation, Agleel's residence and place of business were searched by the police. While the police said Agleel was not arrested during the operation, he was taken in for questioning, where his statement regarding the commission's report was recorded and signed. The process took approximately three hours before he was released. However, his mobile phone and laptop were taken into police custody for investigation.

While one out of the two draft report on Rilwan's murder compiled by the presidential commission made serious allegations against Agleel, the second draft did not mention Agleel's involvement. The discrepancies in the two reports were noted by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih himself.

The fabric tradesman has previously refuted the allegations against him on social media, and continues to deny his involvement in Rilwan's murder.