Ex-Pres Nasheed notes decrease in govt work rate

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has stated that the current administration's 'speed' may have slowed down.

Amid criticism from the opposition over apparent decrease in the current government's work rate, Speaker Nasheed made his remark in response to a question posed by a citizen while meeting with the citizens of his constituency on Friday night.

In the past, Nasheed has stated on multiple occasions that the government''s speed was adequate. However, when one of his constituents noted that the parliament was moving at a fast pace, Nasheed said he felt there was a decrease in the government's work rate. He expressed hope that the government would resolve the issues and increase its pace in the coming months.

Noting some ways in which the work rate can be increased, Nasheed said all ministries should work together to implement the government's work more efficiently. The reasons for delays include negligence and carelessness within the government, said Nasheed.

"I am hoping that the speed would pick up in the upcoming months", said Nasheed.

During the meeting, Nasheed shared with his constituents information on some of the parliament work, and emphasized the importance of the amendments proposed to the Terrorism Act.

Nasheed highlighted the need to approve the bill at the earliest, and said he was one of the first people to be charged under the current Terrorism Act. Amendments to the Terrorism Act has always resulted in negatively impacting Nasheed, therefore, the newly proposed amendments to the Terrorism Act are extremely important for the bill, said Nasheed.