Gasim defends govt, assures support

Jumhoory Party (JP) leader and member of the ruling coalition, Qasim Ibrahim has stated that he would not let the current government be harmed.

As JP leader, Qasim played a key role in appointing President Solih to Office.

While addressing an assembly at JP headquarters, Qasim revealed that there were a number of people attempting to discredit the current government. Assuring that he would remain devoted to maintaining the government, Qasim stated that JP would ensure that the current government completes its 5-year tenure.

Referring to the supposed animosity between President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and former President Mohamed Nasheed, Qasim said attempts to harm the president were being witnessed, although he was not aware of the extent of animosity that existed between President Solih and Nasheed.

"We are witnessing attacks on our president. I have no idea regarding the extent of animosity between the two", he said.

Qasim said that a hidden agenda existed behind the criticisms made regarding the government's 'slow' work-rate, and said he believed that the current administration was doing well.