'Losses estimated to reach over MVR 25 mill' - Lily Group

Lily Group has estimated their losses due to Friday night's tragic fire incident to reach over MVR 25 million.

Chairman of the company, Ahmed Nasir said the company suffered huge losses during Friday night's fire on Abadhahfehi Magu in capital Male', which burnt down some of its warehouses and an accommodation block.

"Our buildings are located far away. But the fire spread and reached our warehouse too. Luckily, we had already moved some items in case something like this could happen. At that time, we did not think the fire would reach our warehouse, but still moved items as a precaution with the help of civilians and employees. However, the 5-story accommodation building of our senior staff, and two warehouses were destroyed in the fire", he said.

Nasir said their losses are estimated to reach over MVR 25 million, but said the buildings were insured.

"We were lucky we were able to remove some items. The building is completely destroyed now. We are currently in discussion with our insurance company", he said.

Seven buildings were destroyed in the fire that originated from a chemical warehouse on Abadhah Fehi Magu. The police has not revealed the source of the fire thus far.