786 people requested for government aid following fire

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has revealed that 786 people requested assistance from NDMA following the fire which occurred earlier this month in Henveiru Abadhah Fehi Magu.

NDMA publicized a detailed report of the requests made for government aid during the massive fire incident.

According to the report, 786 people requested for assistance, which includes 450 men and 336 women.

Among the people were some Maldivians, and those of six other nationalities. According to the statistics, 636 Maldivians, 104 Bangladeshis, 19 Indians, and 16 Nepalis, 6 Filipinos, 4 Sri Lankans and an Egyptian requested government aid following the incident.

NDMA has previously disclosed that some foreigners not associated with the fire had tried to receive aid as well.

While four chemical warehouses burnt down in the fire, residential buildings were also affected by the fire. 400 people were granted temporary shelter by NDMA.

This is the worst fire incident to occur in Maldives to date. A 46-year old woman was killed in the incident.