Preservation of confidentiality made mandatory for Commission on Murders, Disappearances

Regulations have been amended and made effective such that it is mandatory for members of the Presidential Commission Investigating Murders and Disappearances to keep the information and findings of their investigations confidential.

According to the regulations published in Monday's Gazette, members are restricted from disclosing any information they obtain due to their position on the commission to outside parties, unless their official responsibilities require them to do so.

The change in regulations comes at a time when the commission's president Husnu Al Suood have come under fire for sharing the commission's report on the murder of Miniwan NEws journalish Ahmed Rilwan with the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed.

Upon receiving the report, Nasheed had shared it with PG Group leaders. It was then taken back by the Parliament Secretariat due to the report containing several confidential information.

Nasheed had insisted that the PG leaders would keep the contents of the report confidential. The report has since been debated at the Parliament, and is currently being researched by the relevant committees. The summary report has been publicized on the Parliament's website, and some confidential details of the report were leaked on social media.

Following the incident, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih revealed that the commission did not share the report under his instruction, nor did they seek his approval before doing so.